4,3,2,1… Oops?!!

How are we all on this fine Monday evening?
As you can all see I kind of missed my countdown, due in part to a very constructive course, myself and the other managers undertook in the Brighton office last week. Anyway, 5am Saturday morning saw five of us set off in two cars from Brighton heading for Alpe D’Huez. I drove my own car with the downside being, only I could drive it. It was a tiring journey to say the least and after many hours and a few well deserved stops we finally hit the Alps at around midnight.
We were put up in one of the chalets after a minor disruption to the hot water in the hotel.
Sunday morning saw us move some boxes, skis and uniform before I left the others and made for Montgenevre where the sun was shining and the lifts were open! That’s right folks they have has the lifts going for the last two weekends and tonight it’s snowing once again… Looking out of the window I’d guess we’ve already had another couple of inches, I’ll take a picture in the morning…
So I guess tomorrow morning I’ll be snow clearing as there’s no one else here at present…!
Ta ta for now…

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