Finally another interview…Mr Mark Kerr ladies & gents

I know it’s been a while since our first interview, that’s because the office is now in warp drive with the quickly approaching season, but here for you is Mark Kerr. A lot of the new recruits will probably know the name…

Name Mark Kerr, sometimes referred to as “Glowstick”

Time with STG I started with the company in Nov 2011 as Head of Customer Service in the hotel Beausoleil, Alpe D’huez. Having spent a fantastic time out there I was then asked to join the team in L’Escala on the Costa Brava, Spain. I worked for the Pavilion Tours brand as Deputy Resort manager. I spent the summer managing a team of activity instructors and looking after our school groups (also getting a tan and speaking Spanish). At the end of the summer I joined head office as overseas recruiter

Position in company Overseas recruiter. I work as part of a small (there’s only two of us!) but very important team. We recruit and look after over 500 staff members each year who are taking positions based overseas. We do everything from arranging staff transport to reassuring worried parents that little Johnny is taking his vitamin C

Who do you respect People, who take risks, work hard and get what they want out of life

Who do you admire The same people as I respect

Tell me a bit about yourself – your history I originally come from Northern Ireland, I moved to Newcastle upon Tyne to go to university, graduating in French and Spanish.  I then worked for a large luxury retailer in their buying offices, doing business stuff, decided it wasn’t for me and started to apply for seasonal work

When and where did you first ski / board My first experience of the mountains (Samoens, France) was on a trip to visit my French pen pal. He was already an accomplished skier but little did they realise they would have their work cut out for them when I landed. His mother stuck me on a pair of ski’s then pushed me down a mountain shouting TURN, TURN at me (I definitely wasn’t a natural skier). It’s safe to say that the only chance I had of stopping was the orange crash barriers at the bottom of the piste, and that’s exactly what I did!! Recovering from my near death experience I was bruised but undeterred. From that day on I caught the bug

What’s your favourite kit I’m not cool enough to get into “knarly” kit etc I leave that to the park dudes!! Although one thing I wouldn’t be without on a ski away day is a hip flask. There’s nothing quiet like being on the mountain, stopping somewhere with amazing panoramic views and taking a glug from your hip flask full of the local rocket fuel, (Génépi for me)!!!

Where have you skied / boarded I have skied, Serre Chevalier, Tignes, Sixt Fer a Cheval , Les Deux Alpes, Val d’Isere, Chamonix and most recently Alpe d’Huez

Where’s your favourite resort / slopes For Piste – Chamonix, good mix of well maintained runs.

For Party – Les Deux Alpes, it’s the Vegas of the Alps.

How many seasons have you done Just the one.

Can you tell me an embarrassing story about yourself Who put this question in here? I have a reputation to uphold! My friends would say that most nights out are embarrassing stories for me, but I never really get embarrassed, maybe I should.  Although I do embarrass others with my unhealthy love of karaoke.  There doesn’t even need to be any music, just give me a mic and I will entertain for hours *cringe*!

 If you were an animal, what would you be A Swallow or other migrating bird, I love to travel, they must see so much of the world that others don’t

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