The Countdown Has Begun….5…

I’m sat in the office, it’s half past seven in the morning. Both my computers are on already, I have a cup of earl grey, sugar, no milk, besides that is a tesco’s finest Italian plum tomato & mascarpone soup, lid off, spoon in. Now some of you may think thats a little odd and to be fair you’d be right, but I’ve got to eat, right.

Just considering in 5 days time I’ll be back out in the stunning Alps, surrounded by snow, the pressure is really on now. I keep thinking I’ve forgotten things, (I probably have?!), if I’m honest all I really need to take are work clothes and boarding clothes, everything else can be sorted.

I’m loving all you guys connecting through twitter and watching the excitement and anticipation build as the days slip away.

Just remember guys (and girls), to play hard you first have to work hard. The training week is gonna be a lot of fun, ok as much fun as we can make it considering we’ll all have to pay attention at times. But once the season starts, it really is 100 miles an hour…

Well, my soups going cold, so carry on…

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