Mr. Barista.

Hello again guys & girls,

I hope you’re getting excited about this coming season?! I can’t believe in 3 weeks I’ll be heading out… I was hoping to have Mark or Ruth’s interview done by now but it turns out they’re being coy about the whole thing, (they keep telling me they’re too busy but I don’t believe them)…

So did you all have a good halloween? If you have any good pictures, send them in to me and I’ll put them up, as long as the costumes are good that is!

Last week I undertook a three day Barista course, learning the art of making the perfect coffee, tea, hot chocolate and smoothie. It was seriously intensive but great fun and very educational. My thanks go to Ben Townsend and the London School of Coffee. Who knew so much went in to making a cup of nescafe?!!

Remember this winter to bring a camera with you, if you get any nice landscape images or people images with no jager-bombs in sight then we’d love to add them to the blog and facebook page etc.

Also, it’s a good idea to make a list of everything you need / want to bring, get someone else to check it just incase you’ve forgotten any essentials. EHIC card and passports are always the worst to forget!

Anyway time to go as I’m still working on the training schedule for December…

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