Our First Interview of the Season – Tom

Ok people, from time to time we are going to be interviewing seasonnaires from around the company. As yet we haven’t got any photographs of them but give us time, we will. Here to kick start the proceedings is Tom Cheesman, Hotel Manager (and creator of the blog), well we have to start somewhere…


NameTom Cheesman aka Major Tom, Cheesmeister General, The Big Cheese

Time with STGI started running a hotel in Austria for STG on December 11th 2011

Position in company I guess my title is European Hotel Manager, I run hotels, it’s what I’m good at. But over this summer I’ve helped with recruitment, training, marketing and I’ve also been trained in hotel auditing for the ‘School Travel Forum’

Who do you respectEveryone that shows me respect (plus my elders obviously… I come from a generation that was taught to respect their elders, along with discipline, the ability to write and more importantly, spell. We didn’t use ‘c u l8r m8’… Not that I’m having a dig or anything!

Who do you admirePeople with passion, with drive, those that against all odds battle through with positive thinking. The less fortunate that walk down the street with their head held high

Tell me a bit about yourself – your historyI was born on Friday 10th May 1974, the youngest of three brothers.

I’ve lived in Yorkshire, the Lake District and Somerset, although I’m currently between Brighton and the French Alps.

I spent approximately seven years working in the commercial photography industry.  I’ve traveled around Australia on a 350cc motorbike.

For several years I worked for a firework company as a freelance pyro-technician and a stage hand for a production company that organised concerts and festivals.

In 2003 I turned from photography to hospitality, working in a 13C coaching inn followed by a busy town centre bar and hotel.

In April 2011 I started walking for charity, from Le Puy en Velay in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, a pilgrims route. I completed the walk raising over £6000 for UNICEF. You can still read my blog at www.thewaytosantiago.com.

It was on Monday the 5th December when I applied to an advert looking for a hotel manager in Europe, on Wednesday the 7th I head to Brighton for an interview with Ruth Cornford and on Sunday the 11th I was winging my way to Austria to run the company’s remaining Austrian clubhotel. Nearly a year later and I’m still here looking forward to this winters challenges!

When and where did you first ski / board I learnt to snowboard while travelling around Australia back in 1999 / 2000, my oldest brother was my influence though, he had got into it several years before and told me how much fun it was.

I arrived in a backpackers in Melbourne, made friends with one of the staff there, her name was Kelly. I didn’t realise we were so close to the mountains or snow, but after finding an offer for lift passes on bottles of ‘Mountain Dew’, Kelly and I head to Mt Buller for a few days. It was early September, the end of the season, blue skies everyday, I was having lessons in jeans and a t-shirt, I don’t think it was Kelly’s thing but we had fun!

What’s your favourite kitMy favourite kit would have to be my first board, a Nidecker Propipe, my brother gave it to me, it’s got to be nearly 20 years old . I’ve had new boards but I never seem to get on with them and always return to the Nidecker. I guess I’d have to say a camera of some kind as well, I always seem to take a camera of some sort with me, not that I’ve every got any good action shots…

Where have you skied / boardedMt Buller – Australia, Panorama & Lake Louise – Canada, Sauze D’Ouze & parts of the Milky Way – Italy, Kitzbuhel & Saalbach – Austria, Montgenevre & Serre Chevalier – France

Where’s your favourite resort / slopes – I’m not sure I could say I have a favourite, anywhere were the runs are for cruising, Every holiday or destination has been with different people, so everywhere has a different story for me, but all of them good

How many seasons have you doneJust the one at present, this will be my second year coming

Can you tell me an embarrassing story about yourselfI could tell you lots of embarrassing stories about myself although I’d rather not, you’ll have to wait for the book?! When I was a toddler I sat on a nest of red ants in the family garden when we lived in the Lake District, not sure how old I was but it hurt.

 If you were an animal, what would you beIt’s boring I know but I’d be a bull, why, because I’m a Taurean, I’m stubborn and I work hard

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