Good Morning, this is your Captain speaking, (aka Cheesmeister General, Major Tom, The Big Cheese),

Today we can expect some bright sunshine, by this afternoon I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some rain?!

It’s the last ‘full season’ recruitment day for a while, we’re back at The Queens Hotel down on Brighton sea front today. I’m looking forward to seeing the turnout. I have to say our Edinburgh visit put the South of England to shame in smart appearance, perhaps today will be different? Just remember, our interview is no different from an interview for a paper round or with Lord Sugar, appearance is everything!

The office is now a hive of excitement with things kicking into overdrive for the coming season, I have quotes hitting me left, right & centre, but it won’t be long until we’re back out in the French Alps for the training course. The dates of which  I believe are from the 2nd December to the 6th December, with all general staff arriving in their respective hotels on the 8th December. Now don’t take this as gospel, but I’ll confirm them in due course…

Ps. Any staff that are offered Les Rois Mages in Montgenevre, we are having a costume party for Christmas Eve, the theme being ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’, so halloween costumes people!?!

This is our Captain signing off as I’m now late to carry everything to the recruitment day…

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